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Bankruptcy Litigation Management

The final member of the Ascension family of services is its legal services management.  Actually a subset of account servicing, the legal services management works best for those clients that have a need for managing nationwide legal representation in bankruptcy matters.  Utilizing its relationships, employing its experience earned through twenty years in the business, and supported by BKTrakker™, Ascension leverages its relationship with a nationwide network of attorneys for the benefit of its clients.

One major advantage of using Ascension for nationwide legal representation management is the consistency which comes from working with one firm rather than dozens.  Ascension's relationships with firms throughout the country have been refined through many years and through the management of thousands of cases.  For a lender to be able to look to Ascension alone for its answers is of substantial value and convenience.

A second benefit of working with Ascension for legal services management is its pricing.  Typically, Ascension can facilitate and manage complete nationwide legal services through already established attorney network at a fraction of the cost of in-house programs simply because the process is systematized by a specialist in the field that handles a volume of cases.  Ascension's understanding of the nuances and peculiarities of the various jurisdictions throughout the country allows it to efficiently and professionally achieve best possible solutions for its clients.