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Account Servicing

Ascension's experience has been that many lenders lack the expertise and personnel to efficiently manage their bankrupt account portfolio.  Because Ascension's business is bankruptcy, Ascension can be your one-stop shop and provide significant increases to your bottom line recovery stream.

The United States Bankruptcy Code has been revised for the first time in 27 years, with the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act effective October 17, 2005.   Ascension has thoroughly studied the new Act and has been invited to present the impact of its changes to its clients as well as other financial institutions.   Additionally, Ascension has made the necessary enhancements to its software and processes for compliance with the revised Code. 

Ascension's new client integration plan has been honed over many years and is a proven success.  Automated data transfers between Ascension and its clients avoid manual intervention and data input and allow timely updates to the client's database. 

Ascension's dedicated Client Services team ensures that effective communication with its clients is maintained.  This team also guides all new clients through the integration plan, remaining in constant contact throughout each step and beyond.

Ascension believes that a successful joint venture is based on partnering with its clients.  Ascension's "work with" approach allows for flexibility for an enhanced relationship.

The crux of any good relationship is a strong package of reports.  Ascension has developed an extensive reporting package encompassing such items as account volumes, delinquency and charge off reductions, repossession opportunities, reaffirmations, cramdowns, etc.

Ascension's customized software allows bankruptcy cases to be worked effectively and efficiently through data tracking, systemic identification of accounts needing legal action, and systemic monitoring of payments, all of which help drive a bankruptcy case through completion.

Ascension's bankruptcy specialists receive extensive training through Ascension's custom-developed and established training programs.  Specialists receive both classroom and hands-on training, and are closely monitored by its training staff to ensure that their bankruptcy knowledge becomes second nature.

Simply put, Ascension has the full package for your bankruptcy needs.  Ascension's knowledge and expertise provide an extra layer of protection to its clients by managing bankruptcy cases from start to finish.